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CSI:ATL Stop a terrorist attack, before it's too late! Beach Escape It seemed like a KILLER vacation.....


Duration: 70Minutes

Difficulty: 6/10

People: 2-10 Participants

  • You have 70 minutes to escape
  • This room will be private to you and your group
  • Great Game for Beginners
  • Interactive!


The Department of Homeland Security has discovered that a major terrorist cell has been found in the Atlanta area. The evidence suggests that they are hiding in a nearby suburb to the north, called Norcross, and they are planning something big! You need to figure out where this terrorist event will take place before it is too late. They will carry out their mission in 60 minutes, unless you can stop them.
We have taken extra precautions to keep you safe during your escape room experience.
  1. All rooms are private.  This means that when you book an escape, only your party will be allowed in the room
  2. We have extended the time between bookings, to allow the team to sanitize the room and the common areas
  3. Masks are recommended to ensure safety 
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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